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Children Dentistry

We provides a full range of dental services to children and adolescents who have complicated dental problems and/or medical problems requiring hospital-based dental treatments. All specialties are represented which allows for complete oral rehabilitations, at chair side or under general anesthesia.. The department provides comprehensive treatment for traumatic injuries, early childhood caries, cleft lips and palate,  maxillo/cranio­facial deformities and other genetic malformations that demand a multidisciplinary approach unique to the department.

The services provided through the Special Children’s Dental Clinic include:

  • Comprehensive oral examinations, professional teeth cleanings, radiographs and professional fluoride applications
  • Sealants (a protective layer of resin on the grooves of teeth to prevent decay)
  • Dental restorations (white fillings, silver fillings, white caps, silver caps)
  • Pulp therapy (management of pain in the nerves of the teeth)
  • Space maintainers (to hold space for permanent teeth if baby teeth are taken out early)
  • Assessment of orthodontics and guidance of eruption needs
  • Diagnosis and management and/or referral for pathologic lesions in the mouth of children
  • Management of trauma to primary (baby) and permanent teeth
  • Interdepartmental care coordination with other specialties of dentistry on a case-by-case basis

Treatments and Procedures:

  1. Dental General Anesthesia
  2. Dental Local Anesthesia
  3. Nitrous Oxide/Oxygen
  4. Oral Sedation
  5. Tooth Extraction

Our dentists often serve as coordinators of complex dental services and are responsible for early diagnosis and seeking other specialty consultation when the need arises. Based upon a child’s clinical and radiographic evaluation, the pediatric dentist may recommend further evaluation by specialists who concentrate on the health of the gums and supporting bony structures, the alignment of teeth, or other areas.