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Digital Dental Implant

Digital Dental Implant

Tooth loss at any age can be a traumatic experience. Perhaps you had severe decay at an early age and lost your teeth to extractions, or you lost teeth due to an injury from a fall or related to sports. You may have developed complications with a root canal procedure, and it could not be treated, or you developed an abscess or gum disease that resulted in extractions. Perhaps your tooth just never developed, and it has always been missing. Further, if the tooth was lost a long time ago, you may now notice gradual shifting of your teeth, jaw pain, bite problems, and the emergence of new issues.

Why Replace Missing Teeth?

Replacement of missing teeth restores your smile, chewing, and lets you enjoy your life the way you want to. It also prevents bone loss, shifting of adjacent teeth, and damage to other teeth.

Why Dental Implants?

Dental Implants are now the standard-of-care for replacement of missing teeth. Dental bridges and dentures cause irreversible damage to teeth and jaw bone and are no longer recommended.

Are Implants Right For Me?

Are you wondering if you are a good candidate for dental implants? Whether it’s a question of age, health, state of your teeth and bone or financial limitations, we have the answers.

Current Dental Implant Topics

A selection of current topics in implant dentistry including ceramic dental implants, digital planning, how to achieve implant success, materials, and evolving technologies.

Consumer Awareness

When selecting the right team of dentists or center for your treatment, it is vital to ask the right questions and not fall victim to marketing and advertising hype.


As with any oral surgery procedures, over 95% of the patients undergoing dental implant treatment choose IV sedation to maximize their comfort and experience. The other anesthesia options are local anesthesia and sedation method.


Recovery from a dental implant procedure is often much faster and easier compared to other oral surgery procedures like extractions and bone grafting.

Treatment Cost & Financial

Dental implant treatment cost depends on the number of implants, their location, and condition of the supporting bone and tissue. Most Financial companies do not provide benefits for dental implants unless teeth were lost due to either trauma or pathology.

Advanced CBCT Scan Technology

Advanced CBCT Scan Dental cone beam computed tomography (CT) is a special type of x-ray equipment used when regular dental or facial x-rays are not sufficient.

Advanced Solutions for Your Specific Needs

We offer solutions to missing teeth, no matter what the conditions are. Whether you have missing one, several, or all of your teeth, we can offer you customized solutions to help you eat better, smile more, and live a healthier life. From staged treatment approaches to same-day-teeth, we’ll design a treatment plan that supports long term success and your happiness. We are also a major center for management of dental implant complications and offer many solutions to problems you may have experienced with existing dental implants.

Partial Replacement of Teeth

If you have one or several missing teeth, dental implants is an ideal treatment option for replacement. Whether it is a back tooth or a front tooth in the smile zone, we can offer you long-term solutions using dental implants.

Complete Replacement of Teeth

Whether you are missing all of your teeth and are using dentures or have few remaining hopeless teeth that need extraction, dental implants can greatly help you regain the confidence of natural teeth. Treatment options range from totally fixed teeth to implant-supported removable over-dentures with options of either same-day-teeth approach or a staged treatment.

Restoring Missing Bone

If you have inadequate bone due to infection, injury, or natural bone loss, we offer a range of bone augmentation procedures designed to develop the proper foundation for dental implants. We use various bone regeneration technologies and techniques to restore your missing bone and help you enjoy the benefits of dental implants.


Teeth-in-a-Day refers to the process where a patient can have necessary extractions done, dental implants placed and have an implant-supported prosthesis, all in the same day. It combines immediate implants and immediate restorations principles, so that a patient can come to the office in the morning, have all necessary surgery and prosthetic work completed, and leave home in the afternoon with fixed new teeth in place.

Dental Implant Complications

Dental implant complications, although rare, are generally related to poor planning, improper diagnosis, or inappropriate treatment option. Dr. R. Baskaran along with a team of skilled and knowledgeable restorative dentists offer solutions to various dental implant complications. We can assist you with conditions related to dental implant infections, poor alignment, restorative and cosmetic complications, and grafting problems.

Restoring Missing Bone

We provide complete diagnostics and careful treatment planning in collaboration with your restorative dentist to achieve your goals and help you eat better, smile more, and live a healthier life for long to come. These include cone beam CT scan, optical scans, photos, models, digital planning, and close communication with your restorative dentist.

Why Choose Lifetime Dental Implants?

99% Success

Lifetime Dental Implants Boasts a 99% Success Rate.

As dental implant specialists, we measure success by four factors:

  • how well your implant bonds to a healthy jawbone
  • how precisely your implant is positioned to give you a perfect bite
  • how efficiently your implant allows you to chew
  • how beautifully the new restorations complement your mouth and face


By succeeding in all four areas, we ensure the best results possible. At Lifetime Dental Implants, our implants have a 99% success rate due to the significant expertise of our dental team and our detailed planning. Our highly- trained and skilled surgeons and restorative dentists  have an average of 20 years experience each in their specialties. They are supported by the most advanced technology available.

Our focus is on your long-term dental health. We use only the most-researched and top-quality brand name titanium implants, which are biologically compatible and present no side effects. By offering the right dental implant treatment solutions for your unique needs and using restorative materials that are strong, attractive and long-lasting, we give you the best chance of achieving your desired outcome. Additionally, we will establish a regular maintenance schedule to keep your new smile healthy and problem-free.

Advanced Technology

Advanced Technology Ensures Desired Dental Treatment Outcome.

For your comfort, safety and the highest quality outcome, the oral surgeons and restorative dentists at Lifetime Dental Implants utilize only the latest proven technology for both diagnosis and treatment solutions.

Our remarkable 3-D cone beam imaging system allows us to capture detailed images of your entire jaw, which helps us diagnose any underlying condition that could affect the outcome of your implant procedure. If we identify bone loss, gum disease or tooth decay anywhere in your mouth, we will perform necessary interventions—building new bone, filling cavities or treating gums—before securing your dental implant. We also use our 3-D imaging system to position your implants at the precise location and angle for ideal functionality and appearance.

When appropriate, we use a 3-D digital impression scanner to create an impression of your mouth, eliminating the need for plastic trays and putty. We then use specialized computer technology to design and fabricate replacement teeth that are exactly the right size, shape and color.

Treatment Efficiency

Dental Implant Treatments That Respect Your Time and Budget

Our team of dental implant specialists has developed a level of communication and expertise that promotes excellence and efficiency and eliminates surprises and costly mistakes. You’ll find the experience in our office as remarkable as the results you’ll receive.

Doing the job right the first time
We often treat patients who come to us with failed implants, failed dental restorations, poor cosmetic results or poor dental function because their previous dentists did not plan properly or use the right techniques or materials. At Lifetime Dental Implants, we work hard to make sure all our treatments are done right the first time, using only the most researched, best-engineered and respected dental implant materials for accuracy, durability and longevity. We don’t want you to waste your time or money on failures, complications or re-dos.

Minimizing your time in the dental office
We understand our patients have limited time to spend visiting their dentist. We have instituted a unique, streamlined scheduling and treatment process so we can offer you timely appointments and minimize the number and length of your visits. Our goal is to get you through treatment as quickly and painlessly as possible, without compromising the quality of the results.

Affordable treatments that meet your needs
Every Lifetime Dental Implant treatment program is customized for the individual patient. This means we take not just your oral health but also your budget into consideration before we present you with our recommendations. In addition, we offer payment options so you can enjoy the highest-quality results that are the hallmark of Lifetime Dental Implants.

Our Procedures For Digital Implant

Digital work-up and computer-assisted implant dental implant planning allows safe and precise placement of dental implants. This in-turn eliminates complications associated with poor implant positioning and orientation. Using this approach, the entire surgical and restorative treatment plans are designed  Before any procedures are performed on patients. In-addition, patients can complete their treatment in less time and visits with great accuracy and remarkable results.

The benefits of digital implant dentistry include:

  • Improved surgical and restorative diagnostics
  • Precise positioning of dental implants
  • Improved accuracy of surgical and restorative plan
  • Determine appropriate implant width and length
  • Eliminate risks of injuries to nerves
  • Eliminate risks of injuries to adjacent teeth
  • Eliminate penetration into maxillary sinus (for implants in the back of the upper jaw
  • Less visits for patients
  • Shorter treatment time

In House Solution For Complete Digital Dental Implant

  • A Cone Beam CT Scan (CBCT) Is Obtained For 3-Dimensional Image Of The Jaw Bone And Related Structures:

  • A digital impression of patient’s teeth and gum tissue is obtained using an intra-oral scan:

  • The CBCT and the digital intra-oral scan are then combined to represent the relationship of the jaw bone to teeth and gum tissue.

  • The planned restorations are then drawn digitally into the 3-dimensional model. This is essentially the digital prototype of the final prosthesis.

  • Digital dental implants are then placed and adjusted until they are perfectly positioned within the confines of the restoration and the supporting bone. The implant diameter and length are precisely selected to assure an optimal and safe position in relation to surrounding nerves, sinuses, and adjacent teeth:

  • Fabrication of a CAD / CAM surgical guide using the final digital work-up. The surgeon uses this surgical guide to position the implant precisely and according to the 3-dimensional work-up:

  • Scanning of the implant and the its supporting gum tissue using special scan posts:

  • A digital customized abutment is designed by laboratory and milled using CAD /CAM technology:

  • The crown is fabricated and delivered to patient during a single visit:

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