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Apex Locator with Low Speed Handpiece


As the world's best selling apex locator, Root ZX II has set the industry standard for accuracy and patient safety.


Invented in 1992, it was the first unit with the ability to work in wet canals - measurement is not affected by the presence or absence of blood, other discharges, or electrolytes. Root ZX® II features patented technology which offers an accuracy rate of 97.5%*. User friendly, its display screen is large and easy to read. The action of the meter in the display corresponds exactly to the tactile sensation of using the file. Other features include: slim, lightweight file holder, no zero-adjustment, automatic calibration, battery power indication, and automatic power off function.


As an optional upgrade, a module enables the unit to function as a low speed handpiece, apex locator, or a combination of both. The module snaps easily onto the back of the unit and offers numerous safety features including Auto Apical Reverse and Auto Apical Slow Down.


Root ZX® II Low Speed Handpiece ModuleOptional Upgrade, Requires Root ZX II Canal Measurement Module


Root ZX II can easily be upgraded to a low speed handpiece offering speeds from 150 - 800 rpms. The low speed handpiece module is interchangeable and snaps easily onto the back of the unit. This versatility allows the clinician to choose between apex locator, low speed handpiece, or a combination of both. Designed for enhanced performance, the tailor-made handpiece is lightweight (70 g) and has a compact head height (12.5 mm). Proven Root ZX II technology delivers extreme accuracy and reliability, while the display screen allows the clinician to visualize file movement during instrumentation.


The Root ZX II low speed handpiece is loaded with automatic safety functions. Auto Torque Slow Down, offers added protection when preparing the canal. The file automatically slows down as the torque load approaches its set limit helping to reduce file breakage.


Low Speed Handpiece Features


8 Speed ranges from 150 - 800 rpm
5 Automatic safety functions
Fully programmable settings - 3 memory modes
Compact and lightweight handpiece
Adjustable signal volume
Foot switch/pedal


Safety Functions

Auto Motor Start/Stop

The file automatically starts to rotate when it is inserted into a root canal and stops when it is removed.


Auto Torque Reverse

There are 11 settings available for the value of the torque that will trigger the Auto Torque Reverse function. The file automatically reverses its rotation when the torque load reaches a specified preset value. The Auto Torque Reverse function can be turned off.


Auto Torque Slow Down

The file automatically slows down as the torque load approaches its set limit.


Auto Apical Reverse and Stop

The file either reverses its rotation or stops when the file tip reaches a distance from the apex preset by the clinician. When the Auto Apical Reverse function is triggered, the interval between stopping and rotation reversing can be set.


Auto Apical Slow Down

The file automatically slows down as it approaches the apex so that the region near the apical foramen can be treated with a slow gentle rotation. This function can also be turned off.



Shaping and cleaning of root canal