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ORTHOPHOS XG 3 : Digital OPG X-Ray

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High quality. Durable. Safe: The ORTHOPHOS XG 3 is the perfect basic equipment for general dentists. The x-ray unit's easy operation and seamless integration into your practice's daily routines will save you valuable time. The high image quality and proven SIDEXIS XG software guarantee that you will come to a clear diagnosis quickly and easily.






Reliable diagnosis. Perfect consultations. With several standard panoramic programs and one for temporomandibular joints, ORTHOPHOS XG 3 allows you to carry out all the important basic diagnoses.

Here are a few interesting examples:


- Dentition badly damaged by periodontitis, with generalized horizontal bone resorption and vertical cavities with teeth 17 – 14 requiring extraction
- Hypodense, homogenous and clearly delimited changes to the hard tooth substance on 12 mesial, 11 distal and 23 mesial with suspected caries or a differential diagnosis of non-x-ray-opaque composite fillings
- Differential diagnosis: Caries or non-x-ray opaque composite fillings
- PFM bridge at teeth 36 – 34 due to furcation on tooth 36 and calculus deposits mesially.
- Splinting of teeth 32-42 from past periodontal history
- Hyperdense filling material in tooth 45 without an indication for periapical lucency.
- Implant-based treatment in the region of teeth 46 and 47 with radiographically inconspicuous PFM hybrid bridge 45 – 47