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10 Reasons to Choose Us

RAGA Dental Center for Implants & Laser


World Class Infrastructure

RAGA Dental, at all its Clinics has World Class infrastructure competing with the best in the world. The Company believes in keeping up with the latest developments and adapts quickly to the newer Technologies that are introduced in Dentistry.


Specialist Services

Specialist Doctors are available on hand to attend to patients who need to get specialist attention and hence the results and outcomes of treatment are on expected lines.

Top Quality Services

RAGA Dental offers quality services across the spectrum of dentistry. With the support of superior infrastructure and staff, all routine and specialist cases are dealt with excellent results. Partha Dental has the reputation of handling the "Rarest of rare" cases in dentistry with excellent outcomes, which has made them a referral centre in the region.

The Brand of "RAGA Dental", in time, has grown to be a Trustworthy name in dentistry today, a status, that no other dental clinic or chain can stake claim for. The quality delivery of dental services with efficiency has contributed greatly.


History of Patient Satisfaction

Since inception, RAGA Dental has over 1,00,000 Lakh highly satisfied patients, to its credit, in its data base which is the highest in the region. RAGA Dental is now the "Family Dentist" to many across the region.

Unique Business Model

The Business model of RAGA Dental is "Business through Awareness". Patient education is the top priority at RAGA Dental. The reach of the Company has grown multifold in the past 5 years due to the effective and vigorous implementation of this concept.

Patient Affordability

The unique feature of RAGA Dental is the affordability of the services offered across the sections of society, even when compared to 'Single-Chair' practice. It is estimated the rates at RAGA Dental are 20% of the rates charged in the USA.

Pioneering Concepts

RAGA Dental is a pioneer in Cosmetic Dentistry. The concept of "Smile Design" was popularized by them. Since inception, RAGA Dental has performed many thousand Smile Design procedures and often are complimented by grateful patients.

Unique Customized Solutions

RAGA Dental offers unique "Customized Treatment Solutions" at its Clinics. The treatment plans are tailor made on a individualized basis which suits the needs of people who may have a paucity for time, like visitors / NRIs from abroad.


Visionary Support

RAGA Dental's greatest support is its Chairman, Dr. R. Baskaran, who can be termed as a visionary. His ability to think ahead, be Technology savvy and encourage the practice of Modern dentistry in itself has charted the way ahead for RAGA Dental in the future.